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“ Laura’s latest project involves crossing South America with a cruel twist. With only the equipment she can fit in her panniers, she will cycle from the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, over the Andes, through the Amazon jungle until, potentially emaciated and bedraggled, she finally reaches Buenos Aires – and the Atlantic Ocean. If this feat wasn’t tough enough, Laura will conduct the entire expedition completely unsupported and with no money. Her extraordinary resourcefulness and  unique charm will be tested to the absolute limits.”


From foraging for food scraps in waste-bins to fishing for piranhas, Laura will somehow have to fuel her human-powered journey. Nothing is off limits: she will survive off of insects, snakes, wild honey, seasonal tropical fruit, brazil nuts and whatever she can find to replace the 3,000 calories that she will be expending each and every day. When at a friends house for dinner, Laura mentioned that she was “really hungry”: her friend replied that she would soon know the true meaning of the word! The word ‘starving’ is now a colloquialism which is synonymous with hunger. Laura hopes to raise awareness that there are still areas of the world where people truly are starving and gain some understanding of what it feels like to not know when she will have her next meal. All expeditions rely, to some extent, on human kindness but this one will reveal how welcome Laura really is in South America and whether she can get the local population to help her along her journey. In a world where hatred is incited by the media, Laura hopes to share a more positive view of mankind: “the compassion and kindness of others can help a stranger-in-need on their journey”. In return, she hopes to give charitable donations and “give back” to the countries that have helped her.

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