Hennessy Hammocks

Hennesy Hammocks are an awesome brand of hammocks and in my opinion are the only option when it comes to comfy jungle sleeping. They are really good quality, sturdy and comfy and I can’t wait to abuse my Hennessy Hammock!

schwalbe tyres

If I am going to cycle over 6500km… it better be on the best tyres in the world?! Hello Schwalbe 😉

These guys have an amazing ethos and some amazing tyres, so I’m excited to put them to the test going over the andes, desert, back jungle roads, city roads.


These guys have been showing me their support since day one by providing me with a sleeping bag and whatever clothing I need. They have a really friendly team of people, Thanks Matt!


GORE are a wonderful company with some amazing cycling gear with really quick and ‘on the ball’ people working within the company. They are a pleasure to work with and highly recommend the products! They fit and feel great!


Madison are a leader in cycling retail, they have given myself and Cho, Croix de fur, Genisis bikes. And some other amazing kit so check out my social media to find out what products I’m using! Including their adventure trailer which I love!

AST communications

With such a lengthy journey with no money its very important that I have a way to call for help and speak to my loved ones at home, so thankfully I have a Isat-hub to keep the world updated. Along with a Sat Phone for Emergencies.

Pure Hydration

Pure Hydration have kindly provided me with a personal water purification system called ‘Aquapure Traveller’ that I can use absolutely anywhere! The filter enables me to have safe and clean drinking water and will help keep me hydrated throughout my cycle – it’s amazing! Water is a necessity and thanks to Pure Hydration I will still be able to complete this journey without having to spend any money on water.

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