Laura is passionate about inspiring others through her adventures.

“Laura’s talk was inspirational, delivered in a relaxed way with drama and humour. There was a clear message that anything in life is achievable and the audience were gripped by her tales and interacted well with lots of questions afterwards. We had nothing but good feedback about the talk!” Beaudesert

Drawing on her adventures, Laura tailors each presentation following a telephone briefing call. Each presentation is illustrated with stunning images and short pieces of film footage that bring her challenges alive.

“Laura proved both a confident and passionate speaker. An inspiring young woman and one we felt privileged to be able to work with.” Tessa Packard, Founder & Creative Director of Tessa Packard London

During her presentations, Laura draws on her experiences of cycling South America with no money and leading the world-first navigation of the Essequibo River in Guyana from the source to the sea. Laura has plenty of anecdotes with strong messages to share with audiences.

Cycling South America with No Money

Laura speaks about how she cycled from Ecuador to Argentina, over 7000km with no money.
She speaks about the kindness of strangers, the resourcefulness of food-finding and overcoming the feeling of constant rejection to finally achieve her goal.

Running the Essequibo – World First Expedition

While still only in her mid-twenties, Laura lead an all female team to an inspiring world first. Laura explains how she located and logged the source of the Essequibo river which, although South America’s third longest river, had never been officially documented. Finding the source was exhausting and progress was much slower than anticipated but once achieved, Laura and her team then kayaked over a thousand kilometres down the Essequibo river until they finally reached the Atlantic Ocean.

Laura shares the lessons learnt about team work and collaboration and about how to stay motivated and motivate others when it gets tough. Laura speaks candidly about the impact of being a mother away from her young son. The team overcame many challenges in the terrain and had real highs and lows but they also experienced precious moments in wonder at the enriched virgin rainforest with its diverse wildlife too.

Find out more about how Laura could speak for your company or at your conference or dinner. Laura is delighted to share her story with school children of all ages too.

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