Perseverance is the difference between those who make it and those who don't.

- Laura Bingham

Laura Bingham

Natural born adventurer, Laura Bingham, left home at 18 years of age to explore the earth and it’s kaleidoscope of cultures. Laura traveled through the Greek Islands, Continental Europe, Africa, Asia and North/Central America before eventually landing in Mexico where she taught English and undertook challenging conservation work to protect the endangered Jaguar. Challenging herself even further Laura, and a crew of two men and a cat, sailed back home to England across the Atlantic in a 38ft Trimaran. Back in London, whilst establishing her TV career, Laura continued her passion for adventure by honing her skills in survival techniques. She is an experienced archer, knife thrower and fire starter. Further fulfilling her desire to explore the earth, Laura will undertake her next expedition across South America in January 2016.

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Travelling South America by bike alone is scary enough for most people. To do it without money takes it to another level.

- Ed Stafford

Laura is a very brave person, this is a risky undertaking

- Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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